Essential Oil Advisor Nicole


Whether you’re a beginner or a long time essential oil user, one thing for certain is that you’re always trying to find the best deal on 100% pure oils-without the cruddy chemicals. Me too! I’ll admit, here recently it’s been truly difficult searching about. There are so many companies who market their items as “pure” and “100%”, but when you get them home you quickly compare to the brand you used before and it’s of lesser quality. If I don’t even want to add up how much money I have wasted on crappy, cruddy, unpure, and chemical filled essential oils. I have had some serious trial and error. I want the real deal without going broke.

Through my research and trial and error, (and a lot of wasted dollars) I discovered 2 brands that I’ve been pretty  loyal to. One being Purely Essential Oils, where I get my oil blends. These guys have amazing quality. Their oil blends are the most perfect recipes I have found in all of my research. Oil Blends like Peel for depression and anxiety, Slenderize for weight loss (this company tells you which oils they feel are safe for you to ingest! Win!), Deflect for bug repellent, Prevail for tension headaches, Grace for skin care, and a ton more. For me, I feel it is cost efficient to buy blends that come together to target a specific need rather than buying each different bottle to blend it up on my own. I decided to get more involved with Purely and I promote them as a trusted company under my #EssentialOilAdvisorNicole pages and groups.  Click here to join the Facebook group

Now, if I am looking for a single oil, my go to is Barefut Essential Oils. I came across Barefut one day by accident actually… I had never heard of them. So my curiosity got me and I had to give it a try. I was initially drawn in by the price difference, like how in the world can Frankincense cost close to $100 in some of the other MLM companies but only $20-$40 on Barefut? It’s simple.. they cut out the middle man. There is no direct seller to pay commission to. When these oils arrived I was very pleased. The smell, the colors, the feel, everything about them screamed I am pure! So Barefut is my go to for singles when I am needing a specific oil for a home made product I am working up.

Here is the link to shop Barefut Essential Oils.

Here is the link to shop the Purely Essential Oil online store.