TwentyTwo Borrowed Stones began in March 2018.

I began purchasing oils online to create home made organic body care products to help rid some of the toxins that we’d been using daily. I make sugar scrubs, body butters, lip balm, massage oil blends, pain relief blends, and a few more. After purchasing items from an Essential Oil company called “Purely” I discovered there was an opportunity there for me to be able to promote and sale their products. So I joined the Purely Team! It has been a wonderful experience. I cannot put into words how awesome it is to promote products that are as pure and natural as Purely’s. And this is how I became an Essential Oil Advisor.

I had also became interested in learning natural remedies to improve my health and overall well being. After I completed an online course  “Introduction to Essential Oils” I was so overwhelmed with how amazing essential oils could be. I mean, I had heard about oils and such. But I never really looked into it. Never really knew how a single oil could have such an impact on my overall health. From Skin Care to Anxiety, I have found essential oils that have changed my life.

While Achieving wellness with essential oils might not work for everyone, it has worked for me. I truly hope that what’s helped me just may be able to help you. I continue my education daily and will continue my online classes until I reach all certificates on my list! I write blogs regularly sharing what I have learned and to promote natural products that I feel strongly about.

“But you have jewelry, too? ”

I have always been obsessed with IMG_6459gemstones. I have no idea why and I cannot even remember a time in my life when I wasn’t a rock hound. In fact my siblings were rock hounds as well. My sister took her love of beads and jewelry making and started her business, Calluna Gems. After I fell ill and needed some extra cash to pay for some medical expenses, my sister sent me some jewelry pieces and beads to use to make some jewelry and sell. I spent many hours at my kitchen table stringing beads and making the cutest little bracelets. It was such a relaxing and peaceful time of my day. So, thanks to her, I was able to make a little extra cash and my love for rocks expanded into the love of jewelry making. I began going to the gemstone mine here in my town and hunting pretty little rocks. On one occasion when I brought these beauties home, I found some tiny pieces of Emerald. I wanted to wear my raw emeralds in the cutest way possible, so I used a tiny glass bottle necklace charm. Every time I wore it someone would ask me, “Where did you get that?” Soon I started making bottle necklace charms filled with tiny or crushed gemstones and accenting with cute little beads to give to my family and friends for holidays, birthdays, etc. When that word spread to their friends, I had so many orders coming in for Glass Bottle Charms that I was totally amazed. Other than making Crushed Genuine Gemstone Glass Bottle Charm Necklaces, I also make Diffuser Necklaces and Diffuser Bracelets.

And that’s how TwentyTwo Borrowed Stones began. Where did we get that name..? Well, I am a gemstone lover. There are 22 gemstones mentioned in the Bible. I am blessed enough to be able to use these precious gemstones. While we spend our time on this Earth, we are able to “borrow” God’s beautiful gemstones. Psalm 89:11
“The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.”


If you ever have any questions, please let me know. If I do not have the answer, I will try my hardest to find it. Thank you for your support of my tiny business.

God Bless,

Nicole Black-Tester (Mrs.T)