Are you a Bath Bomb Girl?

Are youBath Bomb girl? Be Careful!

Did you know that most brands of bath bombs include a listed ingredient called “fragrance blends” or fragrance oil blends’? Watch out for these ingredients and similar ones. These are legal catch-all terms for any combination of about 3,000 toxic fragrance ingredients that won’t appear on the label. Fragrance mixtures have been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, allergens, respiratory irritants and environmental toxicants. Acetaldehyde, one common fragrance compound, is potentially carcinogenic to humans and adversely impacts the kidneys, nervous system and respiratory system. (Credit NCBI)

“But I LOVE bath bombs. I don’t want to give them up!” That’s OK. You DON’T have to! There is a brand without any of that dangerous stuff.

Purely’s all natural bath bombs are a must try. With Goat’s Milk, Cocoa Seed Butter, and bath bombCoconut Oil, these bath bombs provide the relaxing time that you have been longing for all day.

Reap the benefits:
-Softens bath water
-Aids in removing toxins from the body
-Helps reduce water retention
-Moisturizes skin

Adding essential oils to the bath bomb provides other therapeutic benefits while giving you a NATURAL fragrance (without all those scary chemicals). Imagine adding Lavender Essential Oil for a relaxing touch and soothing aroma! 

If you’re a bath bomb lover, you’ve gotta try this!
Not to mention you get 5 of these for only $19! In any department store you’ll pay $10 each for a bath bomb of this quality.

Click here to learn more about these Bath Bombs!

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