Is There a Natural Skin Antibiotic?

Oregano and Tea Tree-Check this out!
These 2 essential oils are like skin antibiotics. When you blend these 2 oils together you get a powerful antioxidant, skin healer, acne fighter, wart remover, foot and nail fungus fighter, skin tag remover, and more! You can make a blend of oregano and tea tree essential oils with an Aloe Vera base to provide a non-greasy healing ointment, or you can blend these 2 oils in a salve of beeswax, coconut and olive oils, and Shea Butter to use as a super skin healer that also seals in moisture (which is my favorite! I make this healing skin salve at my shop TwentyTwo Borrowed Stones and call it “clear that right up!”) to learn more about Oregano Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil and to purchase your own PURE and THERAPEUTIC oils, click this link:…/ShoppingCartv4/ProductDetailv4.aspx…
Share this natural skin healer with your friends and family!


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