Essential Oils to Fight Wrinkles and Reverse/Heal Skin Damage

Essential Oils are growing very popular and are well known for their pain relieving and relaxing properties. But did you know that there are essential oils that reverse skin damage and fight wrinkles? What about essential oils that fade scars and stretch marks? These essential oils boost healthy skin cell development:

Of course Lavender is most known for its relaxing properties. Lavender also packs a pretty big punch on skin care. Lavender essential oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, aids in rapid skin healing from scrapes and burns, and helps treat sunburn.

Geranium has promoted healthy skin for thousands of years. It was used by the Egyptians to make their skin look young and radiant. Geranium helps tighten the skin and delay the aging process. It also fades spots and scars on your skin, while circulating the blood under the surface of the skin to evenly distribute melanin.

Sandalwood is a mild natural astringent that is used to soothe, cleanse, and tighten skin. It also reduces inflammation due to its ability to act in a similar manner as an NSAID. This helps reduce skin inflammation in boils, bumps, rashes, and other skin irritations. Sandalwood essential oil is high in antioxidants that reduces skin damage caused by free radicals. Sandalwood essential oil is such a powerful oil that many farms are harvesting their trees too soon, resulting in the near extinction of this highly prized and beneficial essential oil.

Helichrysum helps control and REVERSE the signs of aging. It helps reduce scarring, sunburn, puffiness under the eyes, and acne. It belongs to the sunflower family and has a strong, fruity, and sweet fragrance. Helichrysum essential oil is very beneficial for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. In its true and pure form, Helichrysum is one of the most expensive oils on the market.

Last but definitely not least is Frankincense. Mentioned prominently in the New Testament, Frankincense was once more valuable than gold. It is effective in reinvigorating the skin and lessening the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Helping slow down the aging process is only one of the amazing abilities of this oil that is “greatest among oils”. Frankincense essential oil heals skin as well. It helps treat skin wounds and has been used in salves for promoting skin healing for thousands of years.

Many of these oils are some of the most expensive oils on the market. Seeing their amazing capabilities, there is no question why! I found another way to reap the benefits of all these oils without breaking the bank. Rather than paying more than $400 to get all of the oils individually listed above, Purely Essential Oils has an essential oil blend called “Grace” that has all these FANTASTIC essential oils that are too great for words!

Grace is a gorgeous blend of potent essential oils used primarily for slowing down the aging process. It nourishes and protects the skin, which is a key factor in aging. Grace will give you a radiant, youthful and smoother complexion, because it boosts healthy skin cell development.

Here are some of the benefits of Grace.

•Helps in reducing skin aging
•Aids in restoration of damaged skin as a result of exposure to sunlight
•Aids in balancing optimal moisture levels in the skin
•Leaves the skin soft and smooth
•Relaxing and calming to the skin
•Helps reduce stretch marks
•Use as a day and night moisturizer
•Reduces the appearance of fine lines, spots and wrinkles
•For all skin types

If you would like to learn more about GRACE or to get your bottle, click here! I use this blend twice a day on my face and hands, including an ugly scar I earned while breaking my hand and having an operation to repair it! I also get a little eczema in random patches on my face. I apply a little of the balm I made using the GRACE blend and it goes away in no time. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. What a win!

To learn more about each oil  mentioned above, click here.

Questions or Comments? You can contact me here. 

Nicki T-TwentyTwo Borrowed Stones

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