What’s the Meaning Behind Colors?

A super long time ago some pretty impressive Psychologists and Writers decided to study how colors affect the mood of people. Over the years those studies have evolved into what we now call “The Meaning of Colors.”

Here are 10 of the basic colors and what they represent, along with what type of feelings the color’s visual effect promotes. 

  • Red-represents Blood, Courage, Fire, and Vitality. Encourages feelings of Confidence and Will Power.
  • Pink-represents Love and Beauty. Encourages feelings of Confidence, Peace, and Self Worth.
  • Brown-represents the Earth. Encourages feelings of Warmth and Naturalness.
  • Orange-represents Strength and Endurance. Encourages feelings of Emotional Balance and Creativity.
  • Green-represents Growth, Nature, and Life. Encourages feelings of Harmony and Balance.
  • Yellow-represents Intellect and Wisdom. Encourages feelings of Awareness and Confidence.
  • Blue-Represents Spirituality, Heaven, and Truth. Encourages feelings of Calmness and Honesty.
  • Purple-Represents Royalty and Spirituality. Encourages feelings of Fulfillment and Respect.
  • White-Represents Purity and Cleanliness. Encourages feelings of Solitude and Independence.
  • Black-Represents Restraint, Will Power, Self Control. Encourages feelings of Solitude and Quietness. 

Interesting points to keep in mind when you are debating on what color shirt to wear for a meeting or an interview, or what color car you want to buy next.

Find the Perfect Colors for You to Wear to Reflect Who YOU ARE


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