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Somewhere along the way we have forgotten all about the natural treasure that our tiny little world holds. We are surrounded by vivid scenery, healing plants, vitamins, minerals, and gemstones that are mined from the dirt of the Earth.

Gemstone Mining in North Carolina is my absolute favorite hobby. With my findings, I prepare handmade jewelry. You can visit my Shop Here to view my latest workings. Check back often, as my shop updates as often as I go mining! I also love to hand create body care products using natural ingredients. I am impressed with the way these products can change your life!  When I’m not making jewelry or natural body care products, I am teaching others to soak up the goodness of Essential Oils as a Purely Essential Oil Advisor. There is truly nothing more rewarding than helping others.

I also enjoy blogging and reviewing some of my favorite products that promote a naturally healthy lifestyle. If you enjoy reading about natural remedies, check out my blogs.

Questions? Have a topic you want me to investigate? You can contact me here. 


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